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National Skills Gap in the Logistics Sector

National Skills Gap in the Logistics Sector

(Posted on 09/01/21)

Did you know…..

The logistics sector is the lifeblood of the nation’s economy, employing around 2.6 million people and contributing £124 billion GVA to the UK economy.

During the period 1st Aug 2018 to 31st July 2019, the transport and storage sector contributed £155m in national apprenticeship levy contributions.

In 2017/18 logistics apprenticeship starts fell by 35.6% in England and 22.1% in Scotland whilst there was an increase of 20.6% in Wales.  

The average age of an LGV driver in the UK is 48.2 with only 1-2% of qualified drivers being under the age of 25. 

Approximately 12% of UK drivers are EU nationals

All of the above is in addition to a current shortfall of approximately 60,000 LGV drivers in the UK.

Source of data FTA

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